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411098-2 A new approach to lameness control in dairy cows: treatment of individual lame cows and farm level interventionsUnited KingdomView Details
411098-9 A strategy to reduce crude protein levels within dairy cow diets without compromising performance, health, welfare or fertility, and which will benefit the environmentUnited KingdomView Details
411098-6 Assessment of the welfare of dairy cows in the UKUnited KingdomView Details
MV11LR42A lower P excretion of dairy by later cutting of grassNetherlandsView Details
BB/G019274/1A multivalent vaccine and single platform diagnostic for bacterial respiratory diseases of pigsUnited KingdomView Details
BB/G018553/1A multivalent vaccine and single platform diagnostic for bacterial respiratory diseases of pigsUnited KingdomView Details
MV10OV19Airation of manure te reduce methane emissionNetherlandsView Details
MV11OV29Amazing GrazingNetherlandsView Details
EMIDA16APHAEA - Harmonised approaches in monitoring wildlife population health and ecology and abundanceDenmark, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, GermanyView Details
MV08AS42Application of genomics in dairy farmingNetherlandsView Details
ID 114AWAP - Validation of automated welfare assessment for poultryFrance, Switzerland, Czech RepublicView Details
MV11LB30Better water utilization grasslandNetherlandsView Details
EMIDA23Brucmel - Brucella melitensis: biotyping and differential diagnosticItaly, Israel, GreeceView Details
EMIDA17CamChain - Campylobacter in chicken production: survival, virulence and controlUnited Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, Austria, LithuaniaView Details
EMIDA18CARES - Coping with anthelmintic resistance in ruminantsDenmark, France, Sweden, Ireland, GreeceView Details
MV10AS13Committee Fertlizer recommandationsNetherlandsView Details
MV10AS29Costs and profit opportunities in young cattle rearingNetherlandsView Details
MV12LR10Costs of inundationNetherlandsView Details
MV09AS37Cows & OpportunitiesNetherlandsView Details
MV11LR16Cows on the move in dry periodNetherlandsView Details
411098-10Current dairy cow mineral intake on commercial farms in GB in comparison with recommended levels.United KingdomView Details
412011Dairy Co - Mastitis Control PlanUnited KingdomView Details
MV09AS36Dairy farmers work on integrated sustainable dairyNetherlandsView Details
411073Dairy Green House Gas Inventory ProjectUnited KingdomView Details
411098-16Decision making tool for managing nutrient applications and soil looseningUnited KingdomView Details
411099-15Desk-top review of UK research on growing and feeding maize for high yielding dairy cows.United KingdomView Details
411098-7Development of a knowledge transfer (KT) package on best practice for rearing dairy heifersUnited KingdomView Details
411098-5Development of a novel approach to predict and prevent Strep. uberis mastitis in British dairy herdsUnited KingdomView Details
411099-9Development of economic indices for grazed grass varieties United KingdomView Details
411099-1Development of farm systems economic model United KingdomView Details