Research Project Database
Code: EMIDA24
Title: Farmers WTP – Farmers’ willingness to prevent and control disease
Country: United Kingdom
Funding Organisation: Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
French National Research Agency (ANR)
Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
Animal Group:  
Category: Alternative control and non-infectious diseases > Management and health (including, biomechanic troubles, infertility, nutritional and metabolic diseases)
Research Organisation: Wageningen University and Research Centre
Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA)
Number of Research Staff (FTE):  
Principal Investigator (PI): Dr Annet Velhuis, Wageningen University
Cost (Euros): 751224
End Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 31-03-2015
Duration (months): 36
Project objectives and deliverables with estimated delivery dates for each deliverable (if possible): Farmer behaviour will play a key role in animal health schemes. Many animal health programmes assume that farmers will act rationally and predictably, will have the appropriate costs and benefits information at their disposal, know the uncertainties, and be able to make decisions accounting for risk. Science has proven that people do not always act as rationally as they would like. For this reason,
interventions to stimulate animal health management strategies should take account of non-reasoned determinants of behaviour (e.g. emotion, automation, habits, risk aversion, group behaviour, and culture). Through targeted research, these determinants of behaviour, which can inhibit willingness to participate or apply, can be a part of the future solution. So, this project aims to gain more insight into these determinants of behaviour, and will examine the effectiveness of incentive systems to stimulate farmers to apply new animal health strategies in the future.
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