Research Project Database
Code: WOT-01-002-006.01
Title: Brucellosis
Country: Netherlands
Funding Organisation: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MinEZ)
Animal Group: Cattle
Pathogen: Brucella spp.
Disease: Brucellosis
Category: Epidemiology including disease ecology, modelling, transmission dynamics, early warning, risk and decision support
Diagnostic test development incl. sensors
Research Organisation: Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR)
Number of Research Staff (FTE):  
Principal Investigator (PI): H.J. Roest
Cost (Euros): 412400
End Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 31-12-2019
Duration (months): 60
Project objectives and deliverables with estimated delivery dates for each deliverable (if possible): This project is based on the National Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis and concerns research and expertise development aimed at quickly and adequately diagnosing a possible outbreak of brucellosis in farm animals and advising them in combating. The research into Brucella has therefore been used to identify sample streams with probably positive samples and animals. The goal is to optimize the diagnostics and especially the typing.
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