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Code: RT 16/1 VTEFFECT
Title: Assessment of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the vaccination against STEC O157 of cattle on the excretion of and intestinal colonization by O157 and non-O157 Shigatoxigenic Esche
Country: Belgium
Funding Organisation: Belgian Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
Animal Group: Cattle
Pathogen: Escherichia coli
Disease: Diarrhoea
Category: Immunology/vaccinology including basic immunology, vaccine development and deployment
Research Organisation:  
Number of Research Staff (FTE):  
Principal Investigator (PI):  
Cost (Euros): 298000
End Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 31-10-2019
Duration (months): 36
Project objectives and deliverables with estimated delivery dates for each deliverable (if possible): -
Draft: DRAFT
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