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  Shows current projects and those which ended in last two years.
ILRI4Agriculture for nutrition & health CGIAR research program, Improving food safety flagshipKenya, TransnationalView Details
ILRI5Agriculture for nutrition & health CGIAR research program, Improving human health flagshipUnited Kingdom, Kenya, TransnationalView Details
2.16.06Assessing an improved nestbox design for laying hens within a commercial settingSwitzerlandView Details
2.19.01Influence of ad libitum feeding and management on feeding and social behaviour of dairy goats and dairy sheepSwitzerlandView Details
ILRI2Livestock CGIAR Research Program Livestock Genetics FlagshipKenya, TransnationalView Details
ILRI1Livestock CGIAR Research Program Livestock Health FlagshipSweden, Kenya, TransnationalView Details
ILRI3Livestock CGIAR Research Program Livestock Livelihoods & Agri-Food Systems FlagshipKenya, TransnationalView Details
1.19.02Raising preparedness against African swine feverSwitzerlandView Details